Motoring Worries

As roads become littered with speeding cameras and the number of road traffic prosecutions
escalate an ever increasing percentage of the population possess a driving license with

As you may know if you reach 12 you will face disqualification of at least six months. Other
perils in the form of breathalyser and day-to-day accidents jeopardise driving license.

Here at RBM Solicitors have an outstanding record of preserving driving licenses when at
risk and have succeeded in drink driving prosecutions securing acquittals or withdrawals
by the Crown Prosecution Service. When new legislation is made the prospects of success
becomes increasingly remote.

We understand that in many cases your driving license is your livelihood and we are
committed to defending you and your license. We also understand that driving offences can
affect your immigration status.

Take advantage of our expertise and advocacy, in safe-guarding your license and contact us
on any of phone numbers or alternatively please complete the online email enquiry form and
one of our specialist lawyers will call you back.